Shopping trolleys


Help a lost shopping trolley find its way home.

Some people take trolleys from their homes and leave them in the streets, parks, apartment car parks and on verges. The sad fact is, trolleys don’t like living on the streets. Trolleys look ugly, cause obstructions and are dangerous. They do not have a great sense of direction and often cannot find their way home.

To help a lost trolley find its way home use the Trolley Collect and Trolley Tracker apps on your mobile phone, hop on their website or call:

  • Coles 1800 876 553
  • Woolworths or Target 1800 641 497
  • IGA Carlisle 9470 4998 or IGA East Victoria Park 9470 2344
  • Swansea Street Markets 9361 6234  or
  • the Town of Victoria Park 9311 8111.

Trolley Tracker

Coles Trolley Collect