Building forms and fees

Building application forms  

A BA01-Certified Building Application must be accompanied by a signed Certificate of Design Compliance provided by a private certifier.  It can be used for all classes of buildings and must be used for commercial buildings.  When lodging a BA01-Certified Building Permit application that involves food and/or public buildings, please contact our Environmental Health department on (08) 9311 8111 to find out about separate approvals that are required from them.

A BA02-Uncertified Building Application is for Class 1 and 10 buildings only. A registered Building Surveyor from the Town of Victoria Park will sign the Certificate of Design Compliance (included in the Building Permit approval process) when the Building Permit is issued.

Prior to lodging a building application, please confirm if development (planning) approval is required for the proposed works. Further information can be found on the Town's webpage Do I need development approval?.

Building Fee Calculator

BA01 Application for Building Permit Certified(PDF, 57KB)

BA02 Application for Building Permit Uncertified(PDF, 53KB)

BA05 Application for Demolition Permit(PDF, 126KB)

BA07 Notice of Completion(PDF, 32KB)

BA08 Notice of Cessation(PDF, 118KB)

BA09 Application for Occupancy Permit(PDF, 228KB)

BA13 Application for Building Approval Certificate(PDF, 223KB)

BA19 Request to Amend Building Permit(PDF, 30KB)

BA20A Notice and Request for Consent - Protection Structures, Party Walls, Removal of Fences, Access to Land(PDF, 161KB)

BA20 Notice and Request for Consent to Encroach or Adversely Affect(PDF, 154KB)

BA22 Application to Extend Time - Building or Demolition Permit(PDF, 26KB)

BA23 Application to Extend Time - Occupancy Permit or Building Approval Certificate(PDF, 31KB)

BA24 Application for Modification or Non-Application of Building Standards(PDF, 218KB)

BA24A Application for Modification or Non-Application of a Bush Fire Building Standard(PDF, 181KB)

TVP8 Application to Install Smoke Alarms(PDF, 137KB)

Building fees

Please see the building fee schedule, current as of 9 August 2021:

Building Fee Schedule(PDF, 412KB).