Dust control

Dust nuisance is a considerable issue during demolition of property especially during dry conditions. If you are completing demolition, you must ensure dust escape is minimised as far as practicable. It is an offence under the Health Local Law 2003(PDF, 328KB) for an owner or occupier (which includes demolition companies) to cause or permit the escape of dust from premises in such quantity as to cause a nuisance.  

It is important that dust control measures are put in place as a preventative. You should consider:

  • applying a constant water supply or binding agent to the areas or activities which are likely to produce quantities of dust
  • erecting temporary screening (with adequate porosity) to a minimum 2m in height on boundaries
  • ensuring unsealed areas where vehicle and machinery are moving about are also subject to dust suppression
  • ensuring stockpiles of loose material likely to cause a dust nuisance are adequately stabilised or covered
  • notifying adjacent property owners or occupiers at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of any potential dust-causing activity so they have time to arrange alternative times to undertake household chores such as washing and cleaning. 


To report a problem

To report a dust issue, please call Customer Service on 9311 8111 or email admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au with your contact details and address of the property of concern. Your request will be allocated to an Environmental Health Officer for follow-up.

If you report this after hours you will be transferred to the out-of-hours service where you can leave a message. If there is a Ranger available they will attend. Your complaint will be received by an Environmental Health Officer the next working day.