General information and FAQs


The Town's Building service area is responsible for assessing applications for building permits, demolition permits, occupancy permits, building approval certificates etc. and ensuring that all building work complies with the Building Code of Australia and relevant standards. 

Prior to lodging a building application, please confirm if development (planning) approval is required for the proposed works. Further information can be found on the Town's webpage Do I need development approval?

Dividing fences

Dividing fences are a civil matter to be resolved by the aggrieved parties. For information regarding dividing fences, please refer to the Dividing fence matters - overview on Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s website or Fencing Local Law(PDF, 519KB).


If you are an owner-builder for building work which requires a registered building contractor, you are required to obtain owner-builder approval from Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.  You may obtain the owner-builder application package from DMIRS' website.

To obtain a copy of the National Building Specification, please refer to the NATSPEC Construction Information website

Construction Training Fund levy

The Construction Training Fund (CTF) levy is applied to all residential, commercial and civil engineering projects undertaken in Western Australia where the total value of construction is more than $20,000.

Payments can be made directly to the Construction Training Fund online or to the Town of Victoria Park as the collection agency.  If you have paid the levy directly to CTF online, please attach a copy of the levy receipt to the Building application as proof of payment.  On the other hand, if you wish to pay the levy to the Town, you are required to complete a unique CTF levy form and submit it along with the Building application.  You may obtain the unique CTF levy form from the Town's Building department or from CTF by emailing  Please note that the CTF levy will then be included as part of the application fees and you will not be required to pay the levy a second time to CTF directly. 

Notices of Completion and Cessation

The builder or demolition contractor named on a permit must issue a Notice of Completion (BA7) to the Town of Victoria Park within seven days of completion of the work in accordance with s.33 of the Building Act.  The Notice of Completion must also be accompanied by each relevant inspection or test certificate. The builder or demolition contractor remains liable for the building or demolition complying with the Building Act until a Notice of Cessation or a Notice of Completion is issued.

Where there is a change to the building contractor after a building permit has been issued,  the responsible building contractor is required to submit a Notice of Cessation along with a scope of completed work to the Town of Victoria Park.  The owner of the building can apply for a new responsible building contractor for the remaining scope of work.

BA7-Notice of Completion form(PDF, 32KB)

BA8-Notice of Cessation form(PDF, 118KB)

Home indemnity insurance

Home indemnity insurance is required for residential building work exceeding $20,000 in value. Please refer to DMIRS' Home Indemnity Insurance publication.

Where there is a change to the building contractor, the new builder named on the building permit should obtain home indemnity insurance for the proposed building work or the stage of building work required.

Building application processing time frames

It is important to make sure the building application is complete at lodgement. If an application is incomplete, we may stop the clock, ask for missing information and set a time by when it must be provided, or the application may be rejected.

The Town of Victoria Park has 10 business days to determine Certified building permit (BA1), Demolition permit (BA5), Occupancy permit (BA9), Occupancy permit strata (BA11), Building approval certificate (BA13) and Building approval certificate strata (BA15) applications.

We have 25 business days to determine Uncertified Building permit (BA2) (Class 1a and Class 10 buildings and incidental structures only) applications. 

Applications that involve food and public buildings

When you lodge a Certified Building permit (BA1) application that involves food and/or public buildings, please contact our Environmental Health department on (08) 9311 8111 to find out about separate approvals that are required from them.  

Work Zone Permit

A Work Zone Permit is required for any activity or trade which obstructs part of a public thoroughfare (including roads, parking bays, footpaths or verges).  Please visit the Work zone permit page for further information.

Stormwater requirements

The Town has drainage requirements for residential developments.  Please refer to our drainage page for further information.

Street trees and development requirements

The Town has an Urban Forest Strategy which aims to protect existing trees on public land and help new trees reach maturity.  Please refer to our Street trees and development page for further information.