Track an application

The tracking service aims to provide applicants with up to date information on the progress of their development, subdivision and building applications within the Town.

Only the applicant(s) to an application are able to track the progress of an application and/or download approved documents for the application.  The applicant(s) are required to sign in to the online system.

Sign in

1. Click on ‘Online Applications’ under Web Services, then select Planning, Building or Subdivision Enquiry.

2. Enter the application number in the format of ‘XXX/YYYY' (where xxx is the application number and yyyy is the year) in the ‘Application Number’ box.  Alternatively, you may search an application by lodgment or determination date parameters, or property address, and select the type of applications in the next section.  Click ‘Search’.

3.The Application Enquiry screen will display the application information.

4. Click on the application number to view further details of the application.