Great places

24 July 2020 

When we think of a train station, we often don’t think of great places. This is even more the case in the Town, where our train stations are small, suburban and quiet and not part of a broader precinct. But train stations are more than just a platform, they can be vibrant, green and attractive places that make the surrounding area more desirable.



When you go to Subiaco Station, you will have a much different experience than at a station on the freeway. When you get off the train at Subiaco, you might stop to get a coffee or something to eat before walking to your final destination. This is much different to being confronted with a freeway, a car park and an intimidating bus station the moment you get off the train.



The METRONET level crossing removal project will mean the creation of new train stations at Carlisle and Oats Street. A focus on making these stations great places will be crucial to ensuring this project has a positive impact on the broader community.

While making big car parks and wider roads around train stations can make it more convenient to get there from further away, it means the area is less safe and less desirable as a place to live or spend time. When moving people away from train stations is prioritised over other community benefits, the surrounding areas often suffer from side effects like more traffic, less green space and poor urban design.

Let’s make these stations great places!