METRONET updates


With the stations and related infrastructure now fixed and the Armadale Line Upgrade Alliance selected to remove the Victoria Park-Canning level crossings, the next stage is focusing on detailed design, architecture and the features of the public space created by elevating the rail. 

New elevated stations will be built at Carlisle, Oats Street, Queens Park and Cannington to enable safer and improved rail connections to schools and businesses.

Early design work for the stations and related infrastructure has been shaped by stakeholder and community feedback, and includes:

  • Single elevated rail structures to minimise visual clutter and street-level impacts, and maximise public open space and landscaping.
  • Relocation of Carlisle Station entrance closer to Mint/Archer Street to improve local connections.
  • Station entrances on either side of Oats Street for easy and safe access to the station and new bus interchange.
  • A ground-level principal shared path along the rail line for easy access to stations and surrounding areas.
  • Maintaining existing parking at all stations. Parking at Welshpool Station will be redistributed between neighbouring stations.
  • Dedicated areas of activity in the public open space, with a strong emphasis on native planting.

Early work on these and other projects along the Armadale line is already underway (click here for more info), though the bulk of works will coincide with a shutdown of the Armadale line for up to 18 months in late 2023.

METRONET has said the delay in beginning the shutdown (originally scheduled for earlier in 2023) is necessary given workforce and supply chain issues, and to allow more time to prepare for the increased scope of the level crossing removal project, which will now include the removal of the William Street level crossing and an elevated Beckenham Station in the City of Gosnells.

During the shutdown, it is intended that the line will continue to operate between Victoria Park Station and the CBD, including Stadium Station. Train replacement services will be determined as part of the planning process.

For further information on the shutdown, visit Building For Tomorrow