General information and FAQs


The Urban Planning Business Unit is responsible for assessing applications for development approval, assessing applications for subdivision, administering the Town Planning Scheme and Council policies, and providing general land use planning and zoning advice. Development approval is required in most instances prior to commencing building works and/or changing the use of a building. Further information can be obtained by contacting us on (08) 9311 8111 or visiting us at the front counter of the Council’s administration building.

The following links to other websites contain planning related information that may assist you:

Development checklists

In addition to the information sheets, the Urban Planning Unit has developed a series of Checklists and example plans to assist in the submission of a development application for various types of development. Submission of the relevant completed checklist is required to be provided with your application.

Community consultation

Refer to the Community consultation page to access information relating to the Council's policy for community consultation, and information on advertising procedures and public attendance at Council meetings.