Local planning policies (LPPs)

The Council has adopted a range of local planning policies relating to urban planning matters, to provide a consistent approach to the way in which certain types of planning applications and forms of development will be assessed and determined by the Town. These policies deal with a range of matters including building height, provision of public art, car parking, specialised forms of accommodation and minor residential development.

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  • LPP 26 - Local Planning Policy - Boundary Walls (Revoked 2 September 2021)

This policy allows applications for development approval to be assessed having regard to the height controls contained within the Town of Victoria Park Urban Design Study. 

This policy outlines the approach by which Elected Members and the Town’s Administration deals with applications for review made to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) to ensure consistency, impartiality and transparency.

This policy relates to the provision of public art by private developers for developments with a value of $2 million or more.

This policy provides for reduced on-site car parking requirements for certain types of development along Albany Highway within the ‘district centre’ zone and specific properties within the ‘commercial’ zone.

This policy guides and facilitates the appropriate provision of specialised forms of accommodation other than dwellings, including accommodation occupied on a temporary basis, such as bed and breakfasts, residential buildings, lodging houses, and serviced apartments.

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Specifies the works and uses that are exempt from requiring development approval, pursuant to this policy and the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

This policy provides a series of guidelines that outline the matters that will be considered by the Town in dealing with concessions to planning requirements for new mixed use developments, multiple dwelling developments and non-residential buildings. The policy seeks to maximise high standards of urban design, amenity for occupants and positive contributions to the surrounding neighbourhood and streetscape.

This policy guides and controls the use of sea containers throughout the Town of Victoria Park in order to ensure that an acceptable standard of development is achieved that does not detrimentally affect the amenity of the locality.

This policy outlines Council’s position that until such time as a Local Structure Plan is approved for the area known as ‘Burswood Station East’, Council will not support or approve applications for development approval unless satisfied that approval for the development will not prejudice future planning for the precinct.

Council endorsed adoption of a new local planning policy for Burswood Station East in March 2021, subject to gazettal of Scheme Amendment 82 to the Town of Victoria Park Town Planning Scheme No. 1. This policy is Draft Local Planning Policy 40 Burswood Station East Precinct Design Guidelines and Public Realm Improvements and it is expected to be finalised in the latter half of 2021. LPP 35 will be revoked when Draft LPP 40 takes effect. 

This policy aims to achieve a high degree of sustainability through energy conscious site design, building design, materials choice and ensuring solar access to neighbouring property outdoor living areas .

This policy provides guidance on the community consultation process for planning proposals, including when consultation will occur, the means and duration of consultation, and the manner in which Council will keep the community informed of the decision-making process.

This policy outlines the Town’s planning requirements for signs and those sign types that are exempt from development approval.

This policy outlines the requirements for the provision of planting and retention of trees on private land and the street verge associated with the development of land in the Town.

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Council endorsed adoption of Draft LPP 40 in March 2021, subject to gazettal of Scheme Amendment 82 to the Town of Victoria Park Town Planning Scheme No. 1. This process is expected to be finalised in the latter half of 2021. At this time, adopted Local Planning Policy 35 - Policy Relating to Development in Burswood Station East will also be revoked.

Draft LPP 40 provides guidance for building design, laneway design, public open space provision and streetscape improvements in the Burswood Station East precinct. The Burswood Station East precinct is the area bounded by Great Eastern Highway, Graham Farmer Freeway and the Armadale line rail corridor.  

  • LPP 41 - Exemption Policy for Specified Changes of Use and Activities Carried Out From Existing Buildings (Revoked 22 April 2021)