What happens to my application?

1. Application is registered and allocated to a Planning Officer

Once an application is lodged, the Town's Urban Planning team will advise the applicant within 10 days, by email or mail, of the Planning Officer dealing with the application. This Officer is the contact for that application and will contact the applicant if further information is required. 

2. Referrals

The application will firstly be referred to internal departments such as Engineering, Parks, Building and Environmental Health and may be referred to other government agencies and/or other relevant third parties for comments and advice. Conditions resulting from the referral process may be included in a planning approval. 

3. Preliminary assessment

After any internal or external referrals, the Planning Officer dealing with the application will undertake a preliminary assessment the proposed development against the local and/or state planning framework.

4. Community consultation (if applicable)

In many instances, it will be necessary to advertise the application for public comment, in accordance with the requirements of the local planning scheme. Community consultation can take the form of written notice being served on surrounding owners and occupiers of land, newspaper advertising and/or a sign being placed on site. A submission period of not less than 14 days is required, during which time written submissions on the proposal will be accepted by the Town. Any written submissions received will be considered as part of the assessment process along with the application.

5. Final assessment and decision notice prepared

Following community consultation, the Planning Officer will finalise their assessment and prepare a determination for the application, which will either be an approval, with or without conditions, or a refusal with reasons, that will be checked by a Senior Officer or the Coordinator. 

6. Council decision (if applicable)

If the Town’s Urban Planning team do not have the required delegation to determine the application then the application will be referred to an Ordinary Council Meeting for determination. This will require a report to be written to Council by the Planning Officer with a recommendation for the application. The Council will either resolve to approve with or without conditions, refuse with reasons or defer the application to another meeting if further information is required.

7. Decision sent

Once the application has been determined, the decision notice and associated development plans will be sent to the applicant by email.

(Note: The information above is general information and may vary depending upon the nature of a specific application)

How long does the planning process take? 

The exact time taken to determine applications will depend on the type of application, whether it requires advertising and what level of delegation is required to determine it. Some applications cannot or may not be determined by the Town's staff and will be referred to the Council for determination. Under State legislation, applications are required to be determined within 60 days of lodgement if no advertising is required or 90 days if an application requires advertising.

What if I don't agree with the determination? 

Should an applicant or landowner not be satisfied with the Town’s decision on the application, then a right of appeal may exist to the State Administrative Tribunal. There are no third party appeal rights in Western Australia.