Request plans of property

If you own a property in the Town of Victoria Park, you can request to obtain copies of the approved plans of your property. The majority of archival plans are stored off-site and are ordered in, when requested, through an archive search request. 

A search request fee of $110 is payable and includes the scanning/photocopying of up to 20 plans.

Where more than 20 plans are found for the property, you will be contacted to confirm which records are relevant to your request and provided with a fee estimate for printing and/or scanning (following the 20 plan limit being exceeded). Printing and/or scanning will then be charged, on a per page basis, in accordance with the Council's adopted planning fees. 

Plans are generally scanned and sent by email, but if you elect on the search form to collect the plans, we will contact you when they are ready for collection from the Town's administration centre.

The current turnaround time for archive search requests is up to two weeks. Alternatively, if you require the search to be done urgently, you can pay a request fee of $250 and the plans will be available within two working days. 

On occasion archival records that a customer has requested for the relevant property are not found. Should this occur, it is advised that the archive search fee is non-refundable. 

To submit a request, please complete the Application Form and forward to - in the subject line please include the property address and 'archive search request'

Application Forms

Archive Plan Search Form(PDF, 707KB)

Payment of Fees

Once you have emailed your application form to the Town please contact the Town to pay the application fee. 

The application fee can be paid via credit card by telephoning the Town on (08) 9311 8111 or in person via credit card or cash at the Town's administration centre. 

The search fee is $110 (or $250 urgent request) and includes the scanning/printing of up to 20 plans.

Beyond this, printing / scanning is charged on a per page basis Planning Fees (Misc. Planning Services) for further information