Triumph Business Systems

Suite 2/342 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park

Local business, Triumph Business Systems, talks to Vic Park Biz News about 30 years in business and their top tips for those just starting their journey.

In 2019 you celebrated your 30th anniversary- what do you attribute to your success?

Over the years, the Directors have always maintained the same philosophy that has contributed to longevity. Hard work and dedication, a belief in what they are doing and surrounding themselves with people who believe in them and the dreams.

Even when it becomes hard stay passionate and focused on obtaining goals, we are constantly looking for ways to update and improve the capabilities of our product. Having a strong team, engaging with good technical tools within the market place, working with local business and ensuring you have effective communication with your fellow business colleagues is all critical.

How have you seen your industry change over the years?

Much has happened over the 30-year period since Triumph Business Systems inception. In 1989 the IT movement was gaining pace, Apple’s first portable Macintosh computer was introduced to the market along with the first Nintendo Gameboy. It was also the year that Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal which would later become the World Wide Web. During the early years in business, Triumph software was on the Xenix platform, a Unix derivative, which consisted of only a hard disk for storage and a green screen data terminal for input and output, which was the standard for the era. The core financial accounting software produced then consisted of approximately eight different modules, and was installed on a client’s computer through the use of 5¼” floppy disks, which held one module per disk. Much has changed over this time with automation, real time computing, cloud and faster systems. As technology advanced, it allowed us to extend the capabilities of our software and to move from our focused approach of Accounting, to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which could be tailored to suit a larger demographic market. This advance in technology also resulted in the need to employee more programmers and technical support staff. Triumph had become a more versatile and customisable product that was being sold across the country.

What advice can you provide to businesses just starting on their journey?

  • Be prepared to work hard.
  • Back yourself.
  • Involve others and always be inclusive.
  • Ask for ideas and recognise those ideas and where they come from.
  • Look after those who work for you, reward and recognise them and their contribution.
  • Build your network of supportive people.
  • Don’t ignore small things.


Why did you choose Vic Park as the location for your business?

  • Centrally located up in an up and coming business area, so it is easy for our dealers to get to.
  • Location, location, location.
  • Great transport systems- buses, trains and easy access for employees.
  • Easy walking distance to shops and restaurants.
  • Close to business infrastructure, including banks and Post Offices.


 To find out more about Triumph Business Systems, visit their website.