Why are you doing this campaign?

Small business matters.  At a local level, the role of small business is so important – it’s the lifeblood of every local community, bringing in and keeping cash in the area, providing employment and helping to create strong, vibrant communities where people want to live.

We not only want to encourage people to shop local and remember that even a small purchase can make a big different to a local business, but we want to celebrate the diversity of businesses in the Town of Vic Park. Which is why we want to tell your stories and provide a face to every business in the Town.

When does the campaign week run?

From October 26 to November 2 2019 (inclusive)

Do I need to be in the Town of Victoria Park to be included?

Yes- you need to operate your business within the Town. However you don’t need a shop front, even if you operate a business from home, we want to hear from you!

Where did the idea come from?

The Small Business Development Corporation has been working with a number of local governments across WA to come up with broad shop local messaging that would run for a week over October and November. For everyone, it was important to highlight the importance of small businesses and the role the play in the local economy. During the campaign week, each local government area will be running their own events, campaigns, workshops etc. The Town has chosen to celebrate its local businesses during this week with a campaign focused on local business stories.

How can I get involved?

As a business, simply fill in the form telling your story! We just require a photo to go with the story, and you can include your website or social media link if you like. During the campaign week we do encourage you to share the link to your story on your social media page to get the message out there as wide as possible.

For residents, support your local businesses where possible. This could mean doing your grocery shopping at the local supermarket, calling a local accountant to do your tax, or hiring someone local to fix your car.