Business Advisory Group

The Town of Victoria Park is seeking expressions of interest from its local business community to join the renewed Business Advisory Group (BAG) for 2022-23. The BAG will meet  to discuss a range of topics relating to the local business community.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a group whose role will be to provide advice on:

  • The implementation and review of the Town’s Economic Development Strategy 2018- 2023.
  • The implementation of economic development initiatives, including events, campaigns and other economic development projects and partnerships.
  • Opportunities for the Town to collaborate with local businesses.
  • Opportunities to improve the Town’s processes to make it easier for businesses to interact with the Town.
  • COVID-19 economic recovery measures for local businesses.

It will consist of:

  • 8 representatives of the Town’s local business community
  • Town Officers
  • Elected Members

Candidates will be chosen by Council following a recommendation from Town officers.

Interested in applying?  Applications are open, and will close 5pm Monday 10 October.

Business Advisory Group criteria

The Town is seeking candidates with the following characteristics:

  • The owner or manager of a local business within the Town of Victoria Park (please note: the business doesn’t need to have originated in the Town, it can be a branch of a larger corporation).
  • Knowledge of the local economy and/or local business environment within the Town of Victoria Park.
  • An active participant in the Town’s local business community.
  • Commitment to the time and effort required in joining the group (attendance of three meetings during the year).

Candidates will be assessed and selected based on the above characteristics, but the Town will also consider the following in order to balance the composition of members:

  • representation across the whole Town (ie. different places or neighbourhoods)
  • representation of different size businesses
  • representation of different business sectors.

Business Advisory Group Application Form