Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour

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21 Lathlain Place, Lathlain

Local business owner Michelle Moretta talks to Business in the Park about why she loves running her Lathlain business, Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour.

How did Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour get started?    

As a home-based business in Belmont, then I grew too busy to run from home and wanted to have more room so looked everywhere for the right location. 

I wanted somewhere off the beaten track - a hidden gem, so to speak, as my home salon was behind my house in my hubby's shed which we renovated into a salon.  I also wanted to be in an older style building as we are really quirky and not in a shopping centre.  There just was not the right place here in Belmont so I had to spread my wings and look outside the square!  My love for the 50's and rockabilly culture led me to specialise in vintage glamour!

What is the best part of running Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour?  

Ooh there are so many aspects!  I absolutely love all our gorgeous guests, getting to chat with them & build relationships with them. A lot of our guests have been visiting us for years and they have become like family to me.

I also love that we get to make our guests happy.  I love spoiling them with treats such as home-baked cakes and hand massages, making sure they walk out the door feeling much better than when they walked in. 

And lastly, I love that I get to help people, such as my team. I have taken in gals to help them become the best they can be.  It is truly wonderful to be able to offer employment to others and see them grow in leaps and bounds.

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to make a difference in somebody's day!

 Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour

What made you want to become a Sustainable Salon?

After being in the hairdressing industry over 30 years now I have seen so many changes!  Being an allergy sufferer myself 14 years ago I decided to reduce the chemicals we use.  

I've continually researched throughout the years since being diagnosed to find colours & products that reduce petro-chemicals.  This then led to my interest into no animal testing and then in the most recent years searching for vegan products.  We have always recycled waste in the salon & when I found out about Sustainable Salons a couple of years ago I couldn't wait for them to arrive in Perth.  I kept my name on the wait list and when Jeremy popped in with the good news they were on their way I couldn't believe it!  I suppose it was a natural progression through the years! 

It has taken a lot of the product companies a lot of years to come around with reduced chemicals, though. And Perth is always so far behind the rest of the world...always last to get everything in the hair/beauty industry!  Better late than never, though! 

How important was it for you to embrace modern business technology, such as having an app and allowing zipPay? Do you have any advice for other businesses looking to embrace technologies such as these?  

Well I am so not tech savvy, yet I have all the modern cons!  I guess I have always gone into anything always giving 110% and if I do something I want to do it really well.  

I think it's really important to offer things that make our lives easier. I just always thought well, I would really like that! So then I would put it in place in the salon.  I am always about making our guests life easier, though. We also have SalonPay which is specifically for hair & beauty salons and is powered thru Afterpay so yay we have all the options!

Advice for other businesses - Go for it!  Yes, there is fees involved for us but we need to provide solutions for problems and keep everyone happy! ;)

What made you want to offer incentives such as membership options and quality guarantees?  

I have not come from a wealthy background, I have always worked hard for everything I have. I completely understand what it is like to have to make ends meet and stick to a budget. 

I still do! So I thought when I moved the salon to Lathlain I would love to offer a payment plan for services.  Like a gym membership - but one that would be a pleasure to use! 

It took a while for it to get off the ground 'coz I always like to research thoroughly before I get into something.  (Thanks goodness for the internet, hey?)  

What do you love about being located in Lathlain?

Oh my gosh, well I fell in love with Lathlain long before I moved here!  It's like a small country town here! I was driving down Roberts Road one day and saw a sign saying "Redheads" hairdresser. 

Well, I couldn't resist a stickybeak (even though I was set up at home) and when I pulled up I just love that it was a little strip tucked away in a nice area.  I really love the feel here, it's so welcoming and homely. We have guests come from all over the place north and south of the river as it's really central as well as locals. I would love to move here myself!  I really love all the old character houses and everyone is so friendly and ready with a smile.

It is a very safe shopping area, too.  We are here late three nights a week and have never had an issue or drama with riff-raff hanging around.  I have always felt very safe here. and I love all the improvements with the park they have done!  It is so popular there, even I have had a go on the flying fox. Never too old for fun! I love being part of the community here.

To find out more about Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour, visit their website or call 9361 7950.