F45 Training Victoria Park


F45 Training Victoria Park

3/115 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park

Shain and Fiona are husband and wife who have started F45 Training in Victoria Park. Both have changed their careers to make their passion of fitness part of their working life. Previously Fiona was a lawyer and Shain a primary school teacher. They have respectively been in the fitness industry for fifteen and eight years. Throughout this time, they have been running three fitness businesses in Willeton, East Perth and Victoria Park. Here they talk to business in the park about F45 Training. 

What is F45 Training all about?

F45 runs on the motto of 'fitter, faster, stronger'. It is open to all different levels of fitness and runs on a non-judgmental view so that clients can train to their desired level. The fitness is based on highly engaging group training. Every week the classes change, so that clients don't do the same class twice. This is to keep classes interesting and encourage high participation rates. Classes are resistance based high intensity interval training along with short rest periods. We have a team of eight fitness instructors and there are two coaches based in each session so they can assist clients through their workout. There are tv screens located throughout the fitness room, which show how to use each piece of equipment and interval station. There are twenty seven classes per week, so lots of opportunity to choose a class which fits in with your busy schedule.


What type of memberships are there?

F45 Training offers flexible options for memberships to suit each person’s needs. Casual membership, based on 1, 2 or 4 weeks starts at $70 per week. Contract membership, based on 3, 6 or 12 months starts at $55 per week. 

How often do you see people coming to the classes?

Clients generally train about three times a week at a minimum. After this small changes and improvements in the body will be seen. We also notice that people make friends through the F45 classes as there is an all inclusive, family feel to the place. 

How much exercise do you personally do a week?

We train about four times a week and at the weekend we would have a family day where we would swim about 1km at the beach. 

For a small business owner who doesn’t have time to commit to an extensive workout, what is the best exercise advice you can give them? 

Find a simple sustainable exercise routine such as walking or riding a bike for 45 mins to an hour a day. Exercising in the morning is also great as it sets you up for the day! The heart foundation recommends 30 minutes exercise per day but doing a little more will mean you will start to see changes.

Do you offer discounts for local businesses?

We offer an extended 2 weeks free trial for local businesses owners and local workers. There is also the corporate rate of $55 per week on a flexible membership which means cancellation is possible at any time. 

What’s the best thing about being located in Victoria Park?

Community! The sense of community in the area is amazing. People are very welcoming and a lot of people are neighbours and know each other at our classes.