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Life Resolutions, Victoria Park 

Suite 11, Ground Floor, 
328 Albany Highway 
Victoria Park, WA, 6100

Business owner Nina Adiya has recently opened Life Resolutions in the The Business Building along Albany Highway.

Nina's Story.

Nina Adiya was born in Mongolia. Straight after high school in 1990, she moved to Germany to study a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Psychology. After living in Germany for more than 10 years, she moved back to her home country with her two children and her husband Sam. Mongolia, similar to ex-socialist countries in Eastern Europe, had undergone a drastic change transitioning from socialism to a democratic society and as such faced great economic difficulty. Because of this, her family decided to move again to another country to pursue their dreams.

In 2006, Nina’s family arrived in Adelaide on a skilled migration visa. At the time, their grasp of English was limited, however, they were successfully able to adjust to the Australian way of life.

After seven years in Adelaide, Nina’s family moved again to Perth in 2013 and now feel this is their home. Her husband, Sam, retrained from an Engineer to an Accountant, and now works part-time as an Accountant in Perth.

Over the past 20 years, Nina has worked as a psychologist in both government and non-government agencies in three different countries.

In March of this year, they decided to open their own business and joined the Life Resolutions franchise. Now Sam looks after the financial component of their business; Life Resolutions Vic Park.

The fuel which drives Nina and Sam to facilitate a psychological clinic, is their experience with overcoming life challenges; learning four languages and integrating into Western culture and society. This is contrasted by their earlier experiences with a socialist society. Through Life Resolutions Vic Park, Nina and Sam hope to help all Australians with their life challenges and improving individual’s quality of life.

Here Nina talks to Business in the Park about life and business in the Town of Victoria Park.

What is Life Resolutions?

Life Resolutions is a national group of psychologists and allied mental health practitioners. Here in Victoria Park, we have six psychologists who have a strong commitment to providing people of all backgrounds with the highest standards in counselling and professional care.


What advice can you give to business owners when business is slow and this is causing stress in their life?

You need to be aware that you cannot do it all yourself. Take help when it is offered and don’t be too proud to not accept help. Owning a business can be tricky at times. In a practical sense try to have a comprehensive view of the business and look at every area – finances, marketing, quality of service, staffing etc. to see where you may need to make changes. Try not to let the business take over your whole life and make sure not to neglect the other aspects of your life. Spend time with family and friends and confide in them if you need help. Take care of your emotional and mental health and make time for physical exercise. It is all about balance and don’t lose yourself in your business or you will burn out. Make sure you are aware what is important in life and take care of your well-being.

What are the benefits of speaking with a professional?

Many things that happen in your life can disrupt your emotional health and lead to strong feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety.  It is not easy to talk about the challenges you face; however, talking to a professional can help you make decisions, improve your personal growth, and maximize your human potential for a rich and meaningful life.

In terms of our community here in Victoria Park, have you seen one issue emerge more than others in the past couple of years?

Relationship issues have become the most common concerns that we deal with. This includes relationships within family members, not just with couples. Also, anxiety problems are one of the leading mental health concerns. Nowadays, financial and economic challenges have a significant impact on relationships.  

What small changes can people make to their life when going through a period of stress or difficulty that can have a big impact?

  • The main thing people can do is to talk to a friend or family member.
  • Don’t bottle up feelings.
  • Take up physical exercise on a regular basis
  • Make sure to spend time with family and friends.
  • Belong to clubs or community groups
  • Engage in volunteer activities

 Are there rebates available? How much is a consultation?

If you are eligible for a GP referral (Mental Health Treatment Plan) you will receive the Medicare rebate of $84.80 per session. If you have Private Health Insurance you may use your ancillary cover to pay psychological counselling (check with your refund).

  1. Bulk billing options for people with financial hardship
  2. Concession fees = $100 (Medicare rebate of $84.80)
  3. Full fees = $160 (Medicare rebate of $84.80)
  4. Full fees (after hours/weekends) = $180 (Medicare rebate of $84.80)

We also provide an Employee Assistance Program and the cost is negotiable for businesses.

Do you need a referral by a GP or can you just call up?

You don’t need a referral from a GP, you can book an appointment directly. If you do come through a GP however, there is a $84.80 rebate on the full fee with Medicare.

Lastly, what is your favourite thing about working in Victoria Park?

The location! There are many places for food and entertainment. Vic Park is a cosy environment and feels like home :) 

To find out more about Life Resolutions, visit their website or call 1300 668 256

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