Free Trade Area


The Town of Victoria Park is cutting the red tape and showing its commitment to supporting business, with Council approving the creation of a ‘Free Trade Area’ outside shop fronts within the Town.

The Free Trade Area abolished annual alfresco dining fees and replaced them with a one-off, cost-neutral payment to cover the cost of installing pavement discs.

The Free Trade Area is considered as the area located in front of businesses within the Town, and is the remaining portion of footpath area that directly adjoins businesses after a two metre pedestrian thoroughfare has been provided clear of obstructions. Previously this area was only suitable to be used for alfresco dining purposes, but now traders are also able to have their goods on display.

Previously, an eatery with two tables and eight chairs would have paid $600 in application and installation fees, along with a $562 annual fee. Now, the one-time installation cost starts at $100 (which includes two discs), with no annual fee.

Pavement discs are required for every two metres of frontage and installation will cost $50 per disc. Each application requires a minimum of two discs.

Download your application form below.