Looking at re-opening?

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COVID-19 coronavirus: WA roadmap

The Coronavirus WA roadmap outlines how WA will get back to work safely. To see more information about the roadmap, and key dates, head here. 

COVID Safety Plans

Businesses across Western Australia will need to prepare a COVID safety plan before they re-open, to protect staff and customers.

If you are already displaying a COVID-19 safety plan, you may need to update it.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it reflect the current COVID-19 restrictions in place? These are reflected in the COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Are you displaying the most recent COVID-19 certificate , and using the most recent COVID-19 safety plan template? 

The WA government has a general set of guidelines and plans.  However, the below sectors must display their sector-specific COVID safety plan certificate and also follow their sector-specific guidelines

  • Food businesses and licensed venues
  • Sport and recreation
  • Beauty and personal care services

 For more information on COVID-safety plans, head here 

AHA Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course

WA's hospitality industry is being prepared for a return to business with the launch of a mandatory COVID-19 hygiene training program to protect the public and venue staff.

The specialised COVID-19 hygiene training course will need to be successfully completed by every staff member employed at a hospitality venue - with businesses strictly only able to reopen when the requirements are met.

For more details or to complete the first tier of the assessment head here.

Food Businesses

The Small Business Development Corporation have put together some tools to help food businesses reopen. These include

  • An online calculator to determine your maximum occupancy
  • A template to help maintain attendance records of dine-in patrons for contact tracing

To access these tools head here.

Re-opening a food business after the COVID-19 shutdown 

Do you have an action plan for the reopening of your food businesses? This guide will assist you to meet public safety requirements and ensure compliance with the Food Act 2008.

Plan your strategies and use only what is applicable to you.

  • a guide to social distancing in your food business
  • a checklist for getting your food business clean and ready to trade
  • an action plan template.

Social distancing and hand hygiene: 

  • Ensure social distancing measures for patrons can be managed within your venue.
    • For movable furniture - space out chairs and tables.
    • For fixed table/seating – mark separation distances with tape or similar. Consider plastic screening/partition sheets if needed. 
  • Are your staff healthy?

    It is essential that all staff understand not to work while sick. Check in with staff on a daily basis on their health. Ensure staff report any flu-like symptoms (sore throat, fever, cough) and are not allowed to work.

  • Review shift arrangements

    Limit contact between workers as much as possible. You may roster staff shifts into groups (e.g. where group A will never overlap with group B to reduce the impact if a staff member tests positive for COVID-19). Also consider the types of work that can be conducted before and after standard operating hours to stagger shifts. Consider also increasing time between shifts or service periods (e.g. breakfast and lunch; day/night shifts) to minimise staff interaction and allow for increased cleaning.

  • Provide and promote use of hand sanitiser for patron use on entering your business.
  • Reinforce good hand hygiene and ensure staff wash their hands

Proper hand washing is one of the most effective tools in preventing the spread of novel coronavirus. Hand washing should be increased under the current circumstances (especially after going to the bathroom, touching your face, after handling raw food) and should be done effectively according to guidance from the Department of Health. Additional hand washing and sanitising points should be set up throughout the business.

  • Clean and sanitise regularly

Cleaning removes dirt and grease, sanitising or disinfecting will kill germs. Clean and sanitise high-contact and food-contact services regularly.

More guidance on social distancing can be found on the Australian Government Department of Health website – www.health.gov.au.

State Government requirements prior to opening  

  • Ensure that you have completed Australian Hotels Association’s (AHA) mandatory course for Tier1 for Hospitality Workers and Tier 2 for Venue Hygiene Officers – www.hospitalityhygiene.com
  • Businesses across Western Australia will need to prepare a COVID Safety Plan before they re-open, to protect staff and customers. Details can be found at www.wa.gov.au

The COVID Safety Plan is in addition to the mandatory AHA hygiene course for hospitality industries. Therefore a food business will need to go online to complete the AHA course, and also print off a copy of the COVID Safety Plan template once available. This will include a poster they can place in a visible location for patrons and authorised officers to see.  

Should you require further information please contact the Town’s Environmental Health Services on 9311 8111 or admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au.  Alternatively, contact the Coronavirus hotline on: 13 COVID (13 26843)