Economic Development Strategy



Economic Development Strategy

The Town has created an economic development strategy which maps out a blueprint for sustainable economic growth. The Town of Victoria Park Economic Development Strategy: Pathways to Growth 2018-2023 was developed in conjunction with the Economic Development Committee and informed through valuable contributions from local businesses.


Economic Development Sub-Programs

The Economic Development program is made up of six sub-programs of work.

Business Communications Sub-Program

The Business Communications sub-program delivers initiatives for communication and counsel between the local business community and the Town. This is to ensure businesses are: 

  • Aware of the resources and support available to help start or grow their business; and
  • Able to engage with the Town to help guide the development and implementation of the vision set in the Economic Development Strategy. 

To receive timely information on Town initiatives, business training, resources and events sign up to the Town’s Local Business Directory.

Business Events and Training Sub-Program

The business Events and Training sub-program provides an array of networking and training events to grow the skills, capacity and connections of the local business community.

To keep informed on upcoming events and training initiatives, click here.

Business Grants Sub-Program

The Business Grants sub-program provides grants to assists businesses to grow the local economy with initiatives such as:

  • Innovative projects that assist local businesses by improving the way they do business
  • Networking or training events for local businesses
  • Activations and business collaborations to encourage visitation and engagement
  • Local tours or destination marketing initiatives that promote businesses. 


Destination Marketing Sub-Program

The Destination Marketing sub-program involves marketing campaigns and events to attract visitors to the Town of Victoria Park. This includes projects that promote the unique retail and hospitality of Victoria Park while also growing high value industry sectors in tourism, sports, leisure and events.

There are a number of promotional opportunities for local businesses through blog posts, campaigns and social media channels.

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Invest Vic Park

The Town of Victoria Park strives to create investment opportunities and place where businesses can prosper. The Invest Vic Park sub-program provides an overview of the strengths of the Town’s places and the opportunities within them to attract prospective investors.

For more information, check out our interactive website or download the investment prospectus by clicking here


Friendly Approvals Sub-Program

The Town has an important role to play in creating conditions that promote existing and new business owners to invest in the Town’s economy. This includes ensuring the Town’s regulatory framework remains at the forefront of best practice in relation to other regions of Perth.

The Friendly Approvals sub-program involves initiatives aimed at reducing red tape for businesses in the Town.

For more information on initiatives aimed at reducing red tape for businesses in the Town, click here.