Food businesses

We strongly advise that any businesses that have reduced operations due to COVID-19 complete the following:

  • Checking the temperature control of fridges and freezers.
  • Cleaning the business to discourage pests. This is a perfect opportunity for food businesses to conduct a deep clean, declutter and perform maintenance activities that may be difficult to accomplish during normal trading days/times.  
  • Putting out baits and traps for rodents and other pests.
  • Turning off any appliances and power points not in use.
  • Ensure outdoor rubbish receptacles are not over-full and lids are completely closed preventing pest access.
  • Getting on top of stock rotation - some food items may spoil before the food business re-opens.
  • Store all food off the floor and ensure that it is covered and protected from contamination.
  • Plan ahead for re-opening your food business, many food contact surfaces will need to be cleaned and sanitised before being used.


If you are a business that is operating, please ensure you follow all WA COVID-19 cleaning and social distancing guidelines.


Please stay healthy, and follow directives from the WA Department of Health. Wear a face mask if you have to go out in public, and get tested if you think you have come into contact with anyone who may have COVID-19, or are displaying any symptoms.