e-newsletters and email marketing


Creating and distributing regular e-newsletters lets you connect with customers. However, before you get started, ensure to read information on how to legally send e-newsletters, generate or acquire subscribers and more on the Australian Communications and Media Authority website.

Here's why you should be sending e-newsletters to your customers:

  • Keeping in touch, stay in contact with your clients or customers, this is especially important when you may not be seeing them regular during COVID-19 . Use your e-newsletter to let them of all that is happening with your business, including new products, changed services and more.
  • Giving valuable tools to your clients, share helpful tips and tricks, show off your skills and knowledge to your customers.
  • Further your reach, ask your e-newsletter readers to share that your e-newsletter with their contacts. Remember, a larger reach equals more potential customers.

Top Tips

  • Pick an interesting subject line. This will persuade your customers to open the email. 
  • Keep it short and simple. 
  • Limit how often you send your e-newsletter. Over-communication can result in your customers unsubscribing.

Email marketing services

Below are a list of email marketing services, please research them thoroughly before deciding which (if any) are suitable for your budget and needs.