Vic parklets

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The Town of Victoria Park encourages local businesses to extend their trading beyond the front door and spill onto the streets. Parklets and alfresclets are micro parks placed in parking bays that can be built and operated by local businesses to activate their street and encourage people to stop, sit and engage a little more with their businesses.

 What is a parklet?

A parklet is a micro public open space created by placing a temporary structure in one or two parking bays. They are an extension of the footpath that provide seating, shade and amenity for the community’s enjoyment

What is an alfresclet?

A parklet can also be used as an ‘alfresclet’. An alfresclet is generally the same as a parklet but can be formalised as an alfresco area for the use of the adjacent business, while also being available to the general public. With appropriate liquor licensing and management, an alfresclet can potentially include the service of alcohol.


  • Application fee: $294
  • Annual permit fee: The annual permit fee has been waived for a 24 month period (commencing June 2019)

How do I apply and where can I find more information?

To find out how to apply for a parkelt or alfresclet contact the Town's Place Planning team on (08) 9311 8111 or

Please download the Parklet Policy and Management Practice document for more information.