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We value all types of feedback whether it is a request for service, concern, complaint or a general comment.


If you would like to make a formal complaint, we define this as: 

  • unmet standard or timeliness of service delivery;
  • inappropriate behaviour of employees, contractors or councillors of the Town; and
  • non-compliance with practices, policies and procedures of the Town.

How do I make a complaint?

There are several ways you can make a written complaint to access the Town’s formal process:

  • Online web form (Contact form) below
  • Write us a letter or send an email
  • Complete the feedback tear off page on the customer service charter brochure at our reception areas  


What do you need as a minimum to lodge a formal complaint?

At a minimum, the following information is to be supplied in order to effectively process the complaint:

  • Name and address
  • Contact details
  • Brief description concerning the feedback
  • Dates, times and location of key events
  • Photos if relevant
  • A statement of what the customer hopes to achieve by providing feedback


What can I expect?

  • Receive confirmation of the complaint from the Towns officer who is investigating
  • Completion of a thorough investigation into the matter(s) raised
  • A written response to the complaint 


What are the time frames?

In line with our Customer Service Charter standards, written correspondence has a response timeframe of 7 working days (or where otherwise advised) from the Town’s officer acknowledgement. This is not the generic email confirmation received when emailing ‘’.


Can I make an anonymous formal complaint using this form?

We will investigate anonymous complaints to the best of our ability but may have limitations in providing a resolution, so we ask that you please leave your contact details. 


What if I am not satisfied with the outcome or process followed?

There will be the opportunity to write and request a review of the outcome. This needs to be completed within 21 days of our written response. Your request should outline all the grounds for your review.


Want to give us feedback or tell us your experience accessing our formal complaints process?

You can use the 'Contact form' below to provide feedback about the process or your experience.

A complaint is not an initial request for a service to be delivered. A complaint is required in writing to go through the Town's formal process. 

Making a request for service (service request)

A request for service is where you want the Town of Victoria Park to take action, for example:

  • a barking dog
  • pot hole
  • verge tree pruning
  • illegal parking

These can be made by filling out a service request form

Looking for a Justice of the Peace?

While the Town does not offer Justice of the Peace (JP) appointments, there are many local JP services. Head to the WA Government website below to find a JP in your area.

Find a JP service


If you require assistance in completing any of these forms, please contact us on 9311 8111 or email

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