Feedback form

We value all types of feedback including compliments, concerns, complaints or comments on how we can look after you better. 

If you would like to suggest ways in which we can assist you, or help us in recognising our staff, please complete this form. 

What is a complaint?

If you would like to make a complaint, we define this as: 

  • unmet standard or timeliness of service delivery;
  • inappropriate behaviour of employees, contractors or councillors of the Town; and
  • non-compliance with practices, policies and procedures of the Town.

A complaint is not an initial request for a service to be delivered. A complaint is required in writing to go through the Town's formal process. 

What is a request for service?

A request for service is where you want the Town of Victoria Park to take action, for example: 

  • a barking dog
  • a pot hole
  • verge tree pruning
  • illegal parking 

These can be made by filling out a service request form

Filling out this form

We will investigate anonymous complaints to the best of our ability but may have limitations in providing a resolution, so we ask that you please leave your contact details. 

Complaints can also be made by letter or email. Our contact details are available on the Administration Centre page

If you require assistance in completing this form, please contact us on 9311 8111 or email

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