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You're invited to join the Town's Christmas shop local campaign.

To get involved all you need to do is create a Pinterest account and populate it with your Christmas gift products. Next, fill in the below form to be considered as a contributor to the Town's Pinterest boards.

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual social media platform, if you’ve never explored the platform before it’s easiest described as a mix between a digital vision board and a visual search engine.

Pinterest’s platform is made up of “pins” – which are linkable pictures - and “boards” which is where “pins” are grouped.

Pinterest users can explore, share, upload and store visual content that they find inspiring, helpful and entertaining. Also, as the “pins” can be linked to your website your consumers can go from browsing to purchasing in just a few clicks. If you haven’t got your online store up and running yet, now is the time!

The platform has 320 million actively monthly users with the typical pinner being female, between 20-40, a professional with a higher income.

Put simply, this engaging, constantly evolving platform can be a game changer for businesses looking to improve their social media marketing.

How can I get started?

Sign up for a business account, this free account shows pinners that you are a businesses, allows you to include your business information such as your website and location. It also lets you see analytics.

You can sign up by downloading the app or visiting

Upload your content, take pictures or videos of your products, and then add them as a pin and create boards.

Link your pin add your website URL to your pin so that customers can click through to purchase or find out more.

Repeat keep your content fresh by uploading it regularly.

How can I make engaging content on Pinterest?

Quality is key, upload quality pictures and videos. For photo pins that get the most results pick a vertical image, add a SMALL amount of text overlay, use clear titles and descriptions to show up in relevant searches.

For video pins, a 6-15 second video which shows instead of tells attracts the most engagement. Put simply, keep it short and use actions over words. Use a strong cover image so the audience knows what your pin is about with just a glance.

Avoid excessive white space when creating videos and photos, 30% white space is the max you should have. Make sure your products are the main event – remember lots of the audience will be looking at them on a phone so bigger is better!

Keep it consistent, instead of uploading everything at once try staggering the release of your pins to keep your audience engaged and to see what works and what doesn’t.

Be insightful, check out Pinterest’s insight page to see seasonal, category and audience insights on a regular basis. Use this information to decide your content. Pinterest analytics will also let you know more about your account’s audience.

Consider your landing page, what sets Pinterest apart from other visual social media platforms is its clickable content. Don’t waste this by directing your audience to a landing page which isn’t relevant to your pin. Find a landing page that seems like a natural progression, for example, pins that feature a product should link to a page where people can buy that product online.

Fill in the details, fill in all the text components that go with your Pin. This info gives your customers helpful context about your Pin, and what to expect if they click on it. The text also helps Pinterest understand more about your content so they can show it to the right people.

Descriptions can fit up to 500 characters, so write as much helpful info as you can. The first 50-60 characters are most likely to show up in people’s feeds, so put your most important information first.

I need some more help!

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