Never too old to learn something new

Published on 15 August 2017


Town of Victoria Park residents are encouraged to make the most of an informative education expo targeted at adults.

Next month’s Adult Learning Expo (10 September) will bring together formal and informal education providers and creative thinkers to stimulate a love of learning in people keen to continue a lifelong education journey.

Mayor Trevor Vaughan said the expo celebrates the joy of learning and the enormous benefits it provides for the individual, family and wider community.

“The saying is `use it or lose it’ and I’d urge everyone to make the most of the expo to broaden their skills, while expanding their networks and also having some fun,” Mayor Vaughan said.

“Learning can provide positive social interaction opportunities which strengthen our neighbourhoods.

Adult learning doesn’t have to be through a formal education provider, it can take place anywhere, at a community centre, men’s shed, library, digital hub, family or neighbour’s home.”

“The Town is a dynamic place to live and learn and the Town’s Digital Hub and library are perfect examples of places where adults can learn new skills in a supportive and caring environment. It really is never too late to learn.”

The Adult Learning Expo will offer information on where and how to study various skills including IT, creative pursuits, English language and more.

The expo will feature key education providers including:

  • South Metropolitan TAFE
  • Adult Migration Education Program
  • Victoria Park Digital Hub
  • U3A
  • Volunteering WA
  • Victoria Park Centre for the Arts
  • East Victoria Park Family and Community Centre
  • Victoria Park Library

The Adult Learning Expo links with Adult Learners’ Week which is held from 1 – 8 September and is celebrated annually around the globe.

Adult Learning Expo

Sunday 10 September 8am – 12noon

Victoria Park Farmers Market

John MacMillan Park Kent Street

East Victoria Park

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