Perth Stadium update

Published on 04 September 2017


Installation of the turf at the new Perth Stadium is now complete which marks another major milestone. The venue and surrounding Stadium Park and now over 90% complete and on track for opening in early 2018 with several major sporting and music events already scheduled.

For more information about the Stadium Park design visit the Perth Stadium website. 

Swan River Pedestrian Bridge

The Swan River Pedestrian Bridge forms part of the integrated transport plan for the Perth Stadium and will provide year round pedestrian and cycle access between East Perth and the Burswood Peninsula. Visually stunning, the 370m long, nine metre-wide bridge will have a steel cable-stay span of 160m at its centre and rise 64 metres above the river. Activities to build the bridge are underway in East Perth, Burswood and on the Swan River. For more information about the bridge and construction program, visit the Perth Stadium website.