Town to welcome 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton

Published on 05 March 2017


Local legends are being called on to carry the Queen’s Baton in the Town of Victoria Park as it prepares to host the Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR).

The eyes of the Commonwealth will be on the Town Saturday 24 February 2018 as the Baton journeys towards its final destination, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) Opening Ceremony on 4 April 2018.

Across Australia approximately 3,800 batonbearers are needed to share the dream of the ‘friendly Games’ as part of the QBR.

A community nomination program, which opens today, will offer the people of the Town of Victoria Park and the surrounding region with an opportunity to carry the Baton.

Batonbearers are people of all abilities who inspire others to be great. Batonbearers will represent a community with pride and showcase to the world the region’s amazing people and unique identity.

Setting off in Australia on 25 December 2017, the Baton will travel for 100 days to connect with as many people as possible in every state and territory.

The Queen’s Baton carries a message from Her Majesty the Queen through the entire Commonwealth. The Games are declared officially open when the message is read aloud.

In just eight days the Baton will start its global journey at Buckingham Palace on Commonwealth Day, Monday 13 March. It will travel through every Commonwealth nation and territory on its way to Australia.

From today until 15 May 2017, anyone can nominate a person who inspires them to be great. Nominations can be made at

GC2018 are looking for people who:

  • Have achieved something extraordinary or inspired others to achieve something extraordinary; or
  • Have made a significant contribution to either sport, education, the arts, culture, charity or within their community; or
  • Have excelled, or aspire to excel athletically or personally; or
  • Contribute to a fun, friendly, vibrant and inclusive community;
  • Are at least 10 years old as at 25 December 2017; and
  • Are an Australian citizen or lawfully entitled to reside in Australia during the Relay period (25 December 2017 – 4 April 2018).

Mayor Trevor Vaughan expressed his excitement for the Town to be involved with the QBR.

"This is an amazing event to be a part of and will showcase the Town of Victoria Park to the international community. We have so many aspiring and accomplished people living in the Town so I really encourage you to nominate someone who you think would make a deserving Batonbearer," he said.

"I'll be following the Queen's Baton around the world from the start on Commonwealth Day. I can't wait for it to make its way to the Town and then continue on to the Opening Ceremony of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.”

Further information:

  • The Queen’s Baton Relay takes a message from Her Majesty The Queen around the Commonwealth to the Opening Ceremony of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.
  • The GC2018 Relay is the longest in history, travelling for 388 days and 230,000 kilometres.
  • In Australia the Baton will travel for 100 days through every state and territory, showcasing Australia’s history, culture, traditions, geography and people to the world.
  • Approximately 3800 batonbearers will take the Queen’s message around Australia.
  • The GC2018 Relay has been designed to be inclusive and accessible, giving as many people as possible an opportunity to spend quality time with the Baton.
  • On Commonwealth Day, Monday 13 March, at Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty The Queen will place Her message into the Baton and hand it to the first Batonbearer.
  • From London, the Baton will travel to all Commonwealth nations and territories for 288 days before arriving in Australia for the final leg of the journey.
  • The Baton will reach its final destination at Carrara Stadium for the Games’ Opening Ceremony on 4 April 2018. The Games are declared open when the Queen’s message is read aloud.
  • Each host city is responsible for delivering a new design for the Queen’s Baton. The GC2018 Queen’s Baton design was revealed on 20 November 2016 and captures the boundless energy of the Gold Coast.
  • The QBR is a longstanding Games tradition and the ultimate symbol of the Commonwealth Games. Since the Cardiff 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, the Queen’s Baton has carried a message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II calling the Commonwealth’s athletes to come together in peaceful and friendly competition at the Games.
  • QBR Hashtag:  #QBR2018
  • GC2018 Hashtag: #GC2018, #SHARETHEDREAM