World-class smart bench installed in the Town

Published on 09 August 2017


‘Taking a seat’ will take on a new meaning with the installation of a solar-powered smart bench in the Town of Victoria Park, using technology that’s in the running to claim the title of the world’s best smart bench.

The high-tech bench has been installed opposite Antz HQ in East Victoria Park and offers a number of interesting and useful features.

Town of Victoria Park Deputy Mayor, Brian Oliver said that people can now charge mobile devices using two USB ports and a wireless charging station when visiting the popular Albany Highway strip.

“Ventilation fans will also provide a cool place to retreat on hot summer days and ambient night-time lighting will help create a pleasant atmosphere, livening up the area,” said the Deputy Mayor.

“We are hoping that the community welcomes the bench and uses it as much as possible.

“It will provide a place for people to rest and has the added bonus of being a functional piece of furniture that promotes sustainable energy sources.”

The smart bench will be moved around the Town to ensure as many people as possible get to use it.

Information on the surrounding temperature, air quality and how many people use the bench will be collected to assess its popularity.

This Steora Smart Bench is the first to be installed in Western Australia and was purchased from Australian distributor, Cleanair.

The bench is in the running for the title of the world’s best smart bench in a technology award and can be found across the globe; from Belgium and Denmark, to Dubai and New Zealand.

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