Council approves 0% rate increase for 2019-20

Published on 26 June 2019

Budget 2019

The Town of Victoria Park Council has endorsed no increase in rates this financial year. 

To achieve the reduction from a proposed 2.5% rate increase to 0%, Council reduced budgeted funds for a 25th anniversary concert, Place Planning initiatives, materials and contract costs, and opted not to support increased Elected Member allowances or employee costs to the degree proposed. 

“This represents council’s understanding of the current economic climate and the cost of living,” said Mayor Vaughan. 

“Council is committed to prudent financial management into the future. We are confident the proposed budget amendments approved at last night’s meeting will not dramatically impact the delivery of key projects or Town services. 

“Elected Members spent many months interrogating and evaluating services, current and potential projects across all areas with a focus on growing our sustainable future. 

“We were conscious of balancing the need to maintain the operating costs of essential services that our community expects and including additional projects we have identified as items of significant importance for 2019-2020. 

“Most notably on this list of projects is our commitment to delivering the Urban Forest Strategy which will assist in achieving the target of 20% tree canopy throughout the Town in the coming years.” 

New initiatives in the budget include works planned for the Edward Millen and John Macmillan precinct master plans, installation of photovoltaic solar panels at Aqualife, and streetscape improvements for Archer and Mint Streets. 

Meeting minutes will be available on the Town’s website on Friday.