Council approves 7.88% rate reduction for 2020-2021

Published on 31 July 2020


The Town of Victoria Park Council has endorsed a reduction in rates revenue of 7.88% this year representing an average reduction in rates for Victoria Park households of $164 and follows a 0% rate increase last year.

To achieve the reduction, Council agreed to draw on reserve funds to deliver a number of initiatives and capital works projects whilst also reducing some budgets for professional services.

Mayor Karen Vernon stated that Council had been very mindful of the challenges the Town’s community had faced over the past year.

“COVID-19 has affected our community and the world unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times and we acknowledge there will be long-lasting impacts” said Mayor Vernon.

“We know there are many households and businesses in the Town that are doing it tough.

“We have listened to our community and done more than just freeze rates, fees and charges.

“The challenge for Council has been allocating sufficient funding to enable the Town to deliver the projects and services our community needs and expects, whilst balancing priorities and the impact of the current economic situation on ratepayers.”

The 2020/21 budget incorporates a number of capital projects and initiatives focused on supporting both the local economy and community.

Key projects include the continued delivery of the Town’s Urban Forest Strategy, detailed design at Edward Millen and McCallum Park, delivery of the final stage of GO Edwards Park, the roll out of three projects within the State Underground Power Project, installation of cycle ways along Rutland Avenue, increased funding for CCTV, numerous local road renewals and upgrades and Black Spot projects.

Further details about the 2020/21 budget will be made available on this website.