Fiscal Responsibility the goal of 2021-2022

Published on 05 August 2021

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The Victoria Park Council endorsed its 21/22 financial year budget at last night’s special Council Meeting.  The Council also endorsed a small rates increase of 0.88% this year representing an average increase in rates by $10 per household.

“After two consecutive budgets resulting in no increase in overall rates revenue, Council recognised the importance this year of creating a conservative yet financially sustainable budget that focusses on enabling us to finish projects we have started, whilst continuing to deliver our core services to a quality standard.” Said Mayor Karen Vernon.

“A new differential rating category for vacant land has been introduced to encourage development.  However, for most other ratepayers, both residential and commercial, the average rate increase will be approximately 0.88%.  This will enable Council to realise the objectives of our Strategic Community Plan, and fulfil the Town’s vision to be a dynamic place for everyone.” Said Mayor Vernon.

With a particular focus on a lean approach to service delivery the Council modified requests for an increase in the overall workforce budget, preferring a more staged approach.

“The last year has been difficult for our community we need to consider ways to work smarter and be more efficient in delivery of priority projects.” Said Mayor Vernon.  

Although the Council was focussed on fiscal responsibility, there is a strong commitment to ensuring the sustainability of the Town assets and a substantial capital works program worth just over $27.7 million was approved, including the upgrade to Edward Millen Parkland - $7.5 million, Lathlain Stadium- $1.5 million, new road projects - $7.04 million and new pathways projects - $1.056 million.

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