Galactic Co-operative scoop sustainable business award

Published on 11 March 2020

Switched on business award Galactic Cooperative 2.jpg

Galactic Co-operative has a hunger to make the world a cleaner place, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and keeping waste out of landfill. Their thoughtful and impactful approach to protecting the environment has scooped them a Switched on Business award. 

Galactic Co-operative would rather fix something than throw it out, battling obsolescence by repairing and re-programming scientific equipment. Technology produces a unique waste stream and is intensive in energy to manufacture, as well as using precious metals galore. These factors combined mean that electrical items and devices, at work and at home, are best kept in use as long as possible.

“The Town is proud to be a part of the Switch Your Thinking program, and congratulations to Galactic Co-operative on winning this award.  It’s great to see a local business being recognised for their sustainability efforts,” said Town of Victoria Park Mayor Karen Vernon.

Galactic Co-operative also do a lot behind the scenes, tackling climate change by continuously improving their practices. Using a national reporting framework, the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, Galactic Co-operative voluntarily report and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Galactic Co-operative CEO, Kate Biondo, explained “Monitoring our carbon footprint is important for us as it provides a direct feedback about where we can control emissions and control our consumption of resources. Vehicle usage is our biggest contributor to carbon emissions, we are striving to convert our cars to electric vehicles to further decrease our footprint." 

Individuals can follow Galactic Co-operative’s lead and calculate their carbon footprint by searching for online tools and calculators, and like Galactic Co-operative work towards improving every year. 

On weekends Galactic Co-operative volunteer their skills to the community at Vic Park Repair Lab, where they fix broken technology for the community. Upcoming dates for Vic Park Repair Lab are advertised on the Facebook page ‘Repair Lab Perth’. 

"Being a volunteer with Repair Lab has provided not only an avenue to help educate and upskill people around the right to repair, it has become a social and community contact event. Being part of the community, demonstrating investment and care is inherent in being a co-operative” said Kate. 

Switched on Business is a Switch your thinking initiative supported by the Town of Victoria Park, celebrating sustainability in local business. To learn more about Town of Victoria Park’s commitment to sustainability or enter the next round of the awards visit