Have your say on the Town’s draft Local Planning Strategy

Published on 06 April 2021

Local Planning Strategy

The Town of Victoria Park is calling on residents, ratepayers, business owners and developers to provide feedback on the draft Local Planning Strategy.

Providing the blueprint for the planning and growth of neighbourhoods and commercial (activity) centres over the next 10 to 15 years, the strategy also informs the preparation of a new Local Planning Scheme No.2. 

Mayor Karen Vernon highlighted the importance of the document and its influence on the future of the Town.

“The Local Planning Strategy will guide the key strategic planning decisions of the Town over the next decade. It will shape how our Town grows and evolves whilst remaining a dynamic and engaging place to live, work and play.”

“Now is your chance to have your say on how you think the Town should change into the future. You can provide feedback and ideas about planning for growth areas, housing diversity and affordability, neighbourhood character and environmentally sustainable development.”

The strategy was informed by preferred areas for growth mapped during Strategic Community Plan workshops held in 2016.  These are focussed on activity centres and train station precincts to accommodate the State Government’s infill dwelling target of an additional 18,000 dwellings (to reach a total of just over 35,000) by 2050. Precinct Structure Plans will be prepared over the next five years for Albany Highway, Carlisle Town Centre and Station Precinct and Oats Street Station Precinct.

The strategy recommends further investigation of strategies to address affordable housing, sustainable buildings, and funding infrastructure.

View the document at the Town’s administration centre or library, or visit yourthoughts.victoriapark.wa.gov.au to read the material, participate in the conversation and give your feedback before 9am, Monday 31 May.