Help Shape Our Shared Spaces: Call for Draft Strategy Feedback

Published on 02 December 2021

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The Town is calling for feedback on its new Social Infrastructure Strategy, which outlines how existing facilities and key strategic developments will continue to support the needs of a population projected to more than double by 2050.

Social infrastructure includes the facilities, spaces, programs, services and networks that maintain and improve the quality of life in a community and plays a key role in encouraging people to live in or visit an area.

Mayor Karen Vernon said, “Our goal is to ensure access to safe and welcoming social infrastructure spaces long into the future, supporting a diverse range of activities and helping to build a stronger community for everyone.”

“All residents of the Town should have access to a community focal point within a 10-minute walk of their home. This is a key focus of the strategy, helping to create local connections and lay the foundations for sustainable, healthy growth,” said Mayor Vernon.

The Macmillan Precinct (including the Victoria Park Library and Leisurelife) is identified as the primary social infrastructure hub for the Town, with the Lathlain Precinct and Aqualife/Oats Street areas serving as complementary neighbourhood level hubs.

Planning for social infrastructure on the Burswood Peninsula and the Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre will support future community growth in these areas.

Under the draft Strategy, a total of 70 initiatives are recommended for implementation over the next decade. The final recommendations and priorities will be shaped by feedback from the local community and other stakeholders.

The draft Social Infrastructure Strategy is available for comment until Friday 7 January 2022.

Visit or contact the Town on 9311 8111 to find out more.

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