Help us celebrate 25 years of loving Vic Park

Published on 04 February 2019

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The Town of Victoria Park launched celebrations of its 25th Anniversary over the weekend at its Twilight Trios concert, and called on the community to contribute ideas on ways to acknowledge and celebrate the milestone throughout the year.

Following the enactment of the City of Perth Restructuring Act 1993, Perth City boundaries were reduced and the then Town of Shepperton was officially renamed Town of Victoria Park on 2 November 1994, following public opinion against the given name.

It was on this same day that the Victoria Park Library opened its doors for the first time.

Mayor Trevor Vaughan said marking the occasion was important for the council and the community.

“We’ve come a long way since becoming a separate district in our own right,” he said.

“This milestone is a great catalyst for us to recognise our history, reflect on how far we’ve come as a community, and look forward to a new era of future growth and development.

“Over the years we’ve certainly evolved into a thriving cosmopolitan metro area with a young, smart and ethnically diverse population.

“It’s a testament to the council and the community just how remarkably well we’ve adapted to change over the years and I’m proud of the way we have always welcomed people from all walks of life into our patch.”

Throughout the year the Town will do a series of things to mark the 25th anniversary and are now calling on community to contribute their ideas, so we can plan for some bigger celebrations and events leading up to the anniversary date in November.

We’ve had some great suggestions already but would love more.

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