Innovative online parking services now available

Published on 11 February 2019


We are very pleased to share one of the many pieces of improvements that our Parking Services Team have been working on to make parking in the Town more accessible, efficient and sustainable.

Today we launched our online parking appeals form, developed by the Parking Services, with the aim to create a more efficient and effective process for anyone who would like to lodge a parking infringement appeals.

Amadeus Rainbow, Parking Coordinator at the Town of Victoria Park, was part of the online form development team, explained that there are functionalities to make the appeals a faster and easier process online.

“By submitting your parking infringement appeal online you will be able to firstly, receive automatic advice on whether your infringement can be successfully appealed based on our current parking laws and your situation, at the time of the infringement, which you provide online,” said Amadeus.

“In addition, you will also the ability to submit and attach all the information needed to support your appeal reducing the time taken with back and forth communications when you submit something via email or post and might miss a piece of information that is required to support your appeal.”

Anyone who would like to appeal their parking infringements are encouraged to do so online to take up the benefit of the faster system.

You can access the online form at

The introduction of the online parking appeals form is just one of the innovative improvements that the Parking Services Team are working on this 2019 new year.

With a continual commitment to make our community, residents and visitors’ time at the Town safe and enjoyable, the Parking Services Team will be working with residents, businesses and other stakeholders to address parking concerns and delivering efficient and effective solutions.

For more information on parking and travel at the Town, please visit