Mobile food vendor policy adopted

Published on 22 August 2019

mobile food van.jpg

The Town of Victoria Park Council has adopted a policy that provides better guidance around when and where mobile food vans can operate in the Town.

Mayor Trevor Vaughan said introducing the policy will ensure food trucks are better regulated and will not impact local established businesses.

“The Town has not had a policy in place relating to mobile food vendors to date, and we have had issues with food trucks setting up wherever they want with no approval.

“This is not a ban. We have always allowed food tucks to operate in the Town during specific events, and this will continue to be the case, under the policy.

‘We will review how this policy is working in 18 months’ time with more consultation with businesses, residents and food van vendors.”

In October 2018 the Town proposed to run a five-month trial of a new Mobile Food Vendor Policy for food trucks to operate over the summer, at identified locations within limited timeframes.

Council deferred the trial during their November 2018 meeting, to allow further consultation with businesses who had expressed concerns over the impacts of food vans.

Following further consultation, Council decided not to proceed with the proposed trial but have adopted the new Mobile Food Vendor Policy to guide consistent approval and management.

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