New Eagles Community Benefits Strategy ready to fly

Published on 07 May 2019

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The West Coast Eagles, Wirrpanda Foundation and Perth Football Club have been working with the Town of Victoria Park and the local community over the past year to develop a five-year Community Benefits Strategy.

Within the strategy are a series of initiatives and programs to deliver social, economic, environmental and leadership outcomes to align with the Town’s vision and Strategic Community Plan.

The project partners have released the draft strategy and are asking for your feedback to ensure it’s reflective of the needs of Vic Park.

“With this strategy we’re about to really see the benefits that having the West Coast Eagles and Wirrpanda Foundation moving into the Town will bring,” said Mayor Trevor Vaughan.

“We’re really proud of the four programs that have been developed, and we’re going out one last time to ask for your feedback.”

CEO Anthony Vuleta said: “With high public interest and the impact of this project reaching across the whole Town, our engagement process has been robust. For the first time we used a stratified sample of community members who came together to form a community panel.

“Based on program options developed by the partners and phase one of open community consultation feedback, the panel deliberated in two workshops over three weeks to make the final recommendations on programs for inclusion in the strategy.”

“Seeking individuals who represent all walks of life in the Town from teenagers to seniors, people from ethnically diverse backgrounds, with a range of jobs and living situations, we introduced a group of 30 neighbours from every suburb of the Town who’d never met before.

“By the end of the workshops and online form deliberations, we think we got a great outcome and have learned a lot.

“We’d like to sincerely thank the panel for their commitment and the thoughtful recommendations made.”

The first four programs will be Youth Engagement, Healthy Relationship Awareness, Supporting Local Community Organisations and Recreational Groups, and Sports Club Development.

”We are excited at moving into the Town of Victoria Park and once settled and unpacked all of our boxes it will be great to get to know our new neighbours as well as embrace the 1,300 plus West Coast Eagles member households that call Victoria Park home,” said Richard O’Connell, General Manager Community and Game Development at West Coast Eagles.

“We expect to have a real hands on approach to working with the Town of Victoria Park to enhance the fabric of the local community.”

Wirrpanda Foundation founder and director David Wirrpanda was looking forward to the new Lathlain base.

“The Wirrpanda Foundation opened its doors in 2005 and has since been housed in a number of temporary locations, so we are eagerly anticipating the move to our permanent base within the Town of Vic Park.

“We look forward to continuing to deliver the Foundation’s broad suite of programs; develop our relationship with the Town and local community; and make a positive contribution through implementation of the Community Benefits Strategy.

“We hope to offer a welcoming environment for all community members at our new home.”

The community can share their views at until 13 May.

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