Place Leaders focus on building the hoods of Vic Park

Published on 13 May 2019


Ever just wanted to know what’s planned for your neighbourhood? 

Seeking answers to this question can often result in getting directed and redirected across several departments by your local council, only to wind up attempting to decipher a plethora of lengthy and fragmented strategies and plans.

With the customer experience front of mind, the Town of Vic Park is changing the way it plans and delivers many of its projects in favour of a place based approach to better service its community.

A new team of place experts will lead a people centred approach to urban design and development specific to six defined precincts or places within the Town.

Manager Place Planning, David Doy said the multi-disciplinary team has strategic planning, urban design, landscape architecture, place management, transport planning and economic development expertise.

“Our Place Leaders are now building their knowledge on each of their dedicated areas to understand the strengths and weaknesses, the micro and macro detail, character and soul of each of our unique places,” he said.

“A Place Leader’s job essentially is to work hand-in-hand with the community and all of our internal service areas so projects are well planned, delivered collaboratively and ultimately result in great place outcomes.

“Place Leaders will also ensure the work of the Town is relevant and specific to the needs of each neighbourhood and its people.

“The place planning approach aims to provide greater visibility of what’s planned for each place, whether it relates to streetscape improvements, parking, park upgrades and new open spaces, housing, business, clubs, development or events.

“A place approach to the delivery of outcomes is a proven approach, but Vic Park is rolling it out at a much larger scale and tailoring it to the unique needs of Vic Park neighbourhoods.

Chief Executive Officer Anthony Vuleta said: “Local Government is often defined by its competing silos and internal tensions, which can result in confused outcomes, wasted resources and frustrated customers.

“A place planning approach has been specifically designed to ensure greater integration and collaboration between the various disciplines at the Town and to ultimately ensure our community can quickly and easily find out what’s going on in their hood.”

Our Place Leaders are committed to looking after the following neighbourhoods:

  • Causeway Precinct & Lathlain
  • Victoria Park
  • Curtin/Bentley
  • East Victoria Park/St James
  • Burswood Peninsula
  • Carlisle/Welshpool

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02231 PlacePlanning BoundaryMap April2019_nonames.jpg

Town of Victoria Park’s place planning zones


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