SPC decision on increased crowd capacity at Mineral Resources Park

Published on 21 December 2020

Lathlain Oval Mineral Resources Park

Following on from this story - Council supports Perth WAFL and women’s matches in Lathlain 

Mayor Karen Vernon said: 

The Town of Victoria Park has now reviewed the decision made by the WA Statutory Planning Committee to approve the development application for increased crowd capacity at Mineral Resources Park. Although Council had not supported AFL and WAFL matches played by the West Coast Eagles (due to insufficient information provided around traffic and parking impacts), in anticipation of potential WAPC approval, Council recommended the WAPC include certain conditions to address potential adverse impacts on amenity for local residents. 

The Town requested a Transport Impact Assessment, Parking and Traffic Management Plan and a Travel Plan be developed prior to commencement, all of which were approved by the SPC.  Other conditions approved that the Town requested were a maximum crowd limit of 6,500, (which will apply for an initial three year period before requiring further approval), and that no more than 45 game days are permitted per year. Noise concerns were also addressed with a condition for the development of an acoustic report to comply with environmental requirements. 

Council had requested only one pre-season AFL match be allowed at the ground, but approval was given for up to three. 

We look forward to working with the West Coast Eagles on the implementation of these conditions to enable matches to be played at Mineral Resources Park with as little impact as possible on nearby residents.

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