Town begins live streaming Council meetings

Published on 08 August 2019

Council chambers

The Town of Victoria Park has begun live streaming its Council meetings in an effort to give the community greater access to the processes and decisions of Council.

A motion was raised by a community member at the 2018 Annual General Meeting of Electors for the Town to investigate live streaming its Council meetings.  A report at the April 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting on implementing the technology was given the go-ahead by Councillors.

The first meeting streamed to the public was the Agenda Briefing Forum on 6 August at 6.30pm via a feed on the Town’s website. Recordings of the meetings will be archived on the site and accessible soon after the meeting has concluded.

The live feed shows Councillors and executive staff, but doesn’t show the public gallery. Questions and statements from the public are broadcast as audio.

“We know how busy people’s lives are and how difficult it can be to head into the Council building to be at a meeting,” said Mayor Trevor Vaughan.

“Now with live streaming, you can watch and listen to meetings in the comfort of your own home, even whilst you are preparing dinner or putting the kids to bed.”

“Adding this technology really goes to the heart of the Town’s vision: being Perth’s most empowered and engaged community, as well as being inclusive and connected.”

You can view the next stream for the August Ordinary Council Meeting on 20 August at