Town brings forward nine road-renewal projects

Published on 21 May 2020


Thanks to available funds identified at the mid-year budget review, the Town of Victoria Park has brought forward nine shelf-ready designs for road renewal works and other infrastructure works totalling $1.59 million to be delivered this financial year. The funds were approved by Council to be added to the revised budget amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mayor Karen Vernon recently visited a number of the construction sites including Carnarvon Street, East Victoria Park. These road sections scored poorly in terms of asset condition rating and were ranked as high-priority asphalt resurfacing projects (in the latest road renewal priority list) to prevent the road assets deteriorating to the point where it would cost about seven times more to reconstruct them. 

The road renewal projects approved as part of the mid-year review are:

  • Carnarvon Street, East Victoria Park (Dane Street to Blair Athol Street)                    
  • Planet Street, Carlisle (Mercury Street to Cohn Street)                         
  • Streatley Road, Lathlain (Gallipoli Street to Castle Street) 
  • Sussex Street, East Victoria Park (Devenish Street to Berwick Street)    
  • Marchamley Place, Carlisle (Mercury Street to end of street)
  • Solar Way, Carlisle (Full length)
  • Hill View Terrace/Oats Street and Albany Highway intersection, East Victoria Park.

The footpath renewal projects approved as part of the mid-year review are:

  • Turner Avenue and Deleater Way, Bentley Tech Park
  • Brodie Hall Drive and Sarich Way, Bentley Tech Park

The Town has already progressed the construction works for most of these projects and anticipate to have them all completed by mid-June 2020.


Carnarvon Street prior to road resurfacing 

The scope of works for these projects include drainage adjustments, kerb renewal, road asphalt profiling and asphalt resurfacing. The Town selected a high-quality and durable stone mastic asphalt (SMA) design mix to resurface the highly-deteriorated roads.  The superior structural strength and workability of the selected SMA allowed the Town to complete the resurfacing works within a shorter than average time (half-a-day) and hence the ability to open the roads to traffic earlier (as soon as the asphalt had cooled sufficiently). This minimised inconvenience to residents and road users and equally importantly, provided optimal value for money spent on road renewal projects.