Town celebrates 25 years

Published on 01 November 2019

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On the second of November 2019 the Town of Victoria Park celebrates its 25th anniversary since its official naming.

Prior to that time the Town had been known as the Town of Shepperton after the 1993 restructure of the Perth City Council.

Following the restructure, passionate community members banded together and petitioned to change the Town’s name.

On the second of November 1994 the Western Australian Governor officially approved the name change to the Town of Victoria Park.

The Town’s library shares this anniversary also opening its doors for the first time 25 years ago.

Mayor Karen Vernon said “Over the past quarter century our library has become a vital part of the community.”

“The library team has continued to provide excellent services for our community and over the years has hosted many valuable initiatives”

“The facility supports thousands of visitors each month, many of whom travel from other parts of the metro area to enjoy the friendly environment and fantastic range of services our library has to offer.”

To mark the milestone, the Town has buried a time capsule in the amphitheatre of John Macmillan Park.

A recent design competition called on community to submit drawings and paintings capturing what they love about Vic Park with the winning designs now decorating the capsule site.

The designs are featured alongside a plaque which visitors can scan to learn more about the capsule and the Towns’ history.

The Town plans to finish their anniversary year with a birthday bash themed Summer Street Party on Sunday 24 November 2019. Updates will be released via the Vic Park Summer Street Party Facebook page.   


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