Town ignites innovative business ideas

Published on 28 August 2019

Town ignites innovative business ideas

The Town of Victoria Park is getting behind the business dreams of two Vic Park locals who aspire to combat some common health and wellness issues.

Catherine Wingate and Tabitha Corser were recently awarded fully funded Curtin Ignition scholarships for their innovative ideas that could change the way Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is tested, and how addictive behaviours are addressed.

Catherine Wingate is a Lathlain resident with a background in molecular science. Catherine and her colleagues, Amber Boyatzis and Dr Peter Arthur from the University of Western Australia found patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had a distinct lack of testing for this difficult and often undiagnosed illness.

“This led us to develop a proof-of-concept to test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in patients. Our study showed promising results with clear biological differences in patients suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome compared to healthy individuals.

“Our next step will be to validate our test with a larger cohort of patients which will require funding.

“With my scholarship I am hoping to learn how to navigate a successful translation of my research idea into a commercially viable business.

“I want to thank the Town of Victoria Park for seeing the value in my work and supporting me with this scholarship.”

Tabitha Corser is the founder and Program Director of The Whitehaven Clinic in Burswood. With a background in personality profiling and drug and alcohol counselling, Tabitha explains that current treatment methods for drug and alcohol addiction tend to focus on symptoms of behaviour.

“Rather than dealing with only the symptoms of addictive behaviours, our program delves into the underlying personality based causes of these behaviours.

 “Our research shows that our success rate has far exceeded that of traditional models.

“Over the past five years I have developed a one-on-one intensive program that is designed to be delivered into prisons and to clinic based clients that addresses the underlying root cause of addictive behaviours.

“The program is moving towards being licensed for service providers worldwide and I am hoping to learn how to transition to a different business model that will support this undertaking.

“I am extremely grateful for the scholarship the Town of Victoria Park has awarded me and for supporting my vision.”

Deputy Mayor Vicki Potter said the Town had been involved in the scholarships run by Curtin University for several years.

“Once again we were very impressed by the number of quality submissions we received for the Curtin Ignition scholarship program this year.

“The Town is fortunate to have so many bright minds living and working within it.

“We are pleased to support the vision of these worthwhile business ideas and wish Catherine and Tabitha the very best for the program this week”.

The Curtin Ignition program is an intensive, one-week training program for aspiring entrepreneurs, academics and corporate innovators to trial then prepare business ideas for the commercial environment. 

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