Town launches Invest Vic Park website

Published on 30 September 2020


The Town of Victoria Park has launched its first dedicated investment website, Invest Vic Park.

A one-stop-shop for investors, developers and local businesses, Invest Vic Park is an interactive website that combines everything needed to invest in the Town.

The Town’s progressive views on growth enabled Invest Vic Park to be created. Already a sought after destination for residential, commercial and leisure pursuits, it’s the Town’s aim that economic development initiatives like Invest Vic Park will allow the Town to evolve into WA’s premier place for innovation, entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Mayor Karen Vernon said: “The Town is open to creating investment opportunities and places where business can prosper. We want innovative and ambitious organisations to be part of this growth by investing in their future and investing Vic Park.”

“The Town is unique, with the potential to lead the state across a wide variety of sectors, from tourism, sports leisure and attractions, to retail and hospitality, and even the knowledge industries and biopharmaceuticals.”

“We are a dynamic place for everyone and by supporting our people, places and partnerships, the Town is getting closer to our goal of being the leaders in all that we do.”

Highlights of Invest Vic Park include the interactive map, where locations, key features and icons are showcased, allowing potential investors the opportunity to find the ideal location for upcoming projects.

Proving Vic Park is willing to invest in itself and work in partnership with others, Invest Vic Park also shows key achievements and upcoming plans by the Town. These include the $70 million Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project, which is the result of a partnership formed between the Town of Victoria Park, West Coast Eagles, Wirrpanda Foundation and Perth Football Club.

In addition to presenting investment opportunities and achievements, the website also provides resources and information that allows the developers to work alongside the Town of Victoria Park to achieve successful investments.

A getting started guide and the opportunity to contact the Town’s team of experts, further aid the investment journey.

For more information about investment opportunities in the Town of Victoria Park visit


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