Town of Victoria Park to lose a suburb

Published on 03 February 2021

2021 VicVision Mayor Launch

In 2019 during the local government election, the community told the Town of Victoria Park they wanted to remain a Town instead of becoming a City. To stay a Town, Vic Park must lose a suburb. It has not been decided which suburb this will be.

Mayor Karen Vernon said, “This is just so sad for our community that one suburb has to go – I mean it’s like losing a piece of our soul.”

Now that we have your attention…

We’re not losing a suburb, but we need the community’s help to shape Vic Park’s future. We are undertaking a major review of our highest level planning document, the Strategic Community Plan (SCP).

The SCP is the blueprint for the Town, and guides how we work with the community. It outlines the vision, outcomes and priorities for the community over a 12 year period.

Over the next few months, the Town will deliver the VicVision project to ensure we have a Strategic Community Plan that is functional, measurable and genuinely informed by the community.

“The SCP is really the community’s document. It informs everything we do as a Council.  VicVision is our way of making sure the SCP continues to meet the needs and aspirations of our community, and that everyone has a chance to have their say,” said Mayor Vernon.

A community engagement program has been designed to cater for different levels of time and interest, providing a ‘choose your own adventure’ approach. These include:

  • completing an online survey
  • running a workshop in your own time
  • joining us at a series of workshops
  • joining our workshop series online
  • juggling the numbers for the Town’s long-term budget.

For those short on time, we would still like your input. You can answer a quick question via SMS, or visit a listening post and complete a short activity. Keep an eye out for Town staff popping up at other locations in the area.

All in-person engagement including workshops and listening posts are subject to any ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, however there are plenty of ways to get involved online.

“The VicVision project has been carefully designed to allow our community to participate in the most convenient way for them. Not even a hard COVID-19 lockdown will affect people’s ability to get involved,” said Mayor Vernon.  

Under the Local Government Act 1995, local governments are required to undertake a major review of the SCP every four years. Our current SCP is for the period 2017–2032 and once revised will be for the period 2021–2033.

For more information or to help us create VicVision, visit

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