Town welcomes new Mayor and Councillors

Published on 19 October 2019


Councillor Karen Vernon has been elected as the third Mayor of the Town of Victoria Park with 52.82% of the vote in the 2019 local government election. With outgoing Mayor Trevor Vaughan not standing for re-election, a field of three candidates were in the running for the position. Cr Vernon secured 3,187 votes, with Peter Hughes tallying 1,077 and Cr Vicki Potter 1,770.

Councillors Claire Anderson and Vicki Potter were re-elected into Banksia Ward and Jarrah Ward, respectively.

Two new community members have been elected to Council with Wilfred Hendriks elected to Banksia Ward, and Jesvin Karimi elected to Jarrah Ward. Councillors Julian Jacobs and Jennifer Ammons Noble did not stand for re-election after both serving one term. 

An extraordinary election is expected to be held in the Banksia Ward in February to elect a new Councillor to the seat left vacant by Cr Vernon. 

The result for the poll of electors, which asked the community if they would support a name change to the City of Victoria Park was not supported by the majority, returning a result of 67.23% no (3,971 votes) and 32.77% yes (1,936 votes).

This year the turnout rate was 26.77%, down from the 2017 election which saw 32.04% of eligible electors vote.

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