Unauthorised trees removal near Carlisle Station

Published on 13 April 2021

Carlisle Station trees

At the end of March, 15 of the Town’s trees along Bank Street near Carlisle Station were mistakenly removed by the Public Transport Authority. 

Their removal was not authorised by the Town. The PTA thought the trees were on their land and may have been damaging the station’s car park. 

The Town found out this was happening from a nearby resident who managed to stop more trees being removed. 

“This is very disappointing to have happened. The Town has been working hard on increasing tree canopy cover from 10% to 20% in line with our Urban Forest Strategy, and unauthorised tree removals like this make it harder to achieve that target,” said Mayor Karen Vernon. 

“We will be working with the PTA to revegetate the area and prevent any similar incidents happening in the future. The Town will also be seeking compensation from the PTA for the loss of the trees.” 

The tree removal was not part of the METRONET project.